Joe Degand

Comedy Just Got Sketchy

Who Is Joe Degand?

a Husband and a Father on top of being a Comedian. So, in that vane he might get weird and mention his family, and all the things he deals with on a day to day basis.  Nothing is off limits. He is not at first, what he may seem. From a small town but has done cross country tours doing comedy anywhere that would have him. He is willing to travel anywhere to do what he loves, making people laugh. Heartfelt and genuinely silly. he has written sketch for Second City and Stage 773 as a member of their writing collective Scribble Bibble he has had his work performed at SketchFest. He has been making people laugh for seven years and is taking all the Stand up feature and headline work he can get in order to tighten up for his highly anticipated first album. Hire this guy he’s the Goods.

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